Infralution Licensing System 4.7

Infralution Licensing System 4.7



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Infralution Licensing System (ILS) is a powerful .NET solution specially designed to help you with licensing components and software using simple and secure encrypted license keys. ILS uses a public key encryption algorithm to generate encrypted license keys which are virtually impossible for a cracker to reverse engineer from your code. Each license key contains a unique client identifier and may also contain additional product information to allow issuing of license which unlock certain features in your application. ILS provides a complete solution for component and control developers. Components and controls licensed using ILS generate runtime licenses which are incorporated automatically by Visual Studio into the clients application. The runtime licenses are keyed to the design time license that generated them - but they can not be extracted and used as design time licenses, nor can a design time license be reverse engineered from the runtime license. FEATURES: · Strong Encryption - ILS uses a public key encryption algorithm to verify license keys which makes it virtually impossible for a cracker to reverse engineer license keys from your code. · Unique Licence Keys - Each generated license key contains a unique serial number which guarantees licence key uniqueness and allows tracking of license keys. · Feature Unlocking - Additional product information can be encrypted into license keys when they are generated allowing you to unlock specific software features. · Component/Control Licensing - ILS provides a complete solution for component and control developers. Components and controls licensed using ILS generate runtime licenses which are incorporated automatically by Visual Studio into the clients application. Design time licenses cannot be reverse engineered from the runtime license. · Compact Framework Support - Full support for licensing Compact Framework applications. · Time/Usage Limited Evaluations - ILS provides support for creating evaluation versions that are either time or usage (ie fixed number of uses) limited. · Source Code Integration - Full source code is supplied for the licensing components. This allows the licensing code to be fully integrated into your own applications or components, which means there are no third party DLLs to distribute and the licensing code can be fully obfuscated using your normal obfuscator. · Royalty Free - the Licensing System is licensed per developer. You can build as many applications as you want and distribute them without paying any further royalties. · PayPal IPN Integration option - purchase Infralution's IPN.NET product to completely automate your purchase process using PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) mechanism. License Tracker - The License Tracker application provides a complete license and customer management solution including: · Product Management - management of product passwords and serial numbers · License Key Tracking - tracking of license keys issued to distributors and end customers · Customer Management - store and manage your customer information. Easily determine which customers have bought or evaluated particular products. · Customizable Key Generation - key generation can be customized to automatically include information about the customer or other details into the key. You can also implement your own form to get additional information to be inserted into the license key. · Distributor Integration - XML and CSV sales and evaluation (trial download) data can be imported from 3rd party distributors such as ShareIt! · Outlook 2003 Integration - integration with Outlook 2003 allows sales notifications to be imported directly from your inbox and emails to be created and forwarded using the License Tracker customer database. · Full Source Code Option - full source code for the License Tracker application can be purchased separately for those companies that wish to use License Tracker as a springboard for developing their own in-house software.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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